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Pablo Touchaleaume

Pablo Touchaleaume, initiated at an early age by his father – an art dealer and collector – has a passion for Tribal Art, Archeaology, and Asian Art.


He has trained and perfected his knowledge in several galleries such as Anthony Meyer (Oceanic Art) and Bernard Dulon (African Art), and also at Sotheby’s Paris in the Tribal Art Department.


Galerie Pablo Touchaleaume opened in Saint-Germain-des-Prés at 21 rue Guénégaud on November 22, 2012, with an exhibition entitled “Benue River”.


Pablo Touchaleaume presents objects coming from all five continents, mixing eclectic pieces selected for their aesthetic qualities.


From the very beginning, Pablo Touchaleaume has taken part in some of the most prominent international events: Parcours des Mondes, Le Pavillon des Arts et du Design, and Paris Tribal in Paris, or Bruneaf, and Culture in Brussels.


November 2012 : Creation of the Galerie  at 21 rue Guénégaud. The Galerie specializes in the following fields: Tribal Art, Archaeology and Asian Art. From the start, the idea has been to form part of the art scene through a long term professional approach while holding holding exhibitions and participating in international art fairs.


November 12, 2012 : official opening of the Galerie, with an exhibition dedicated to the “Benue River”. A catalogue was published for the occasion.


September 2013 : Exhibition of eclectic pieces for Parcours des Mondes (as an unofficial participant due to the fact that the business was still fledgeling).


April 2014 : Exhibition entitled “Man – Animal, Nature’s Children”, gathering over 100 quality objects from various cultures and epochs.


June 2014 : First official participation in Bruneaf, in the heart of the Sablon District, Brussels.


September 2014 : First official participation in the Parcours des Mondes – the International Tribal Art Fair in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés District,  Paris.

On this occasion, the gallery presented a thematic exhibition (along with a catalogue) entitled “Adorned Idols” which displayed a selection of objects originating from all over the world.


April 2015 : First official participation in the new event Paris Tribal, with an exhibition focusing on “Receptacles”.


March 2015 : Participation in the PAD Paris in the Jardins des Tuileries, with an exhibition about “Pure Forms”.


April 2016 : First sale to the Musée du Quai Branly (two Tali Bannang belts, Sulawesi, Indonesia).

February 2017 : The gallery at 21 rue Guénégaud closes. Pablo Touchaleaume now receives by appointment and continues to be present at international trade shows such as Paris Tribal, Parcours des Mondes, Bruneaf...


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