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As we are always looking for genuine artwork to buy, do not hesitate to contact us if you have objects, books or documents related to Tribal Art, Archaeological Art, or Asian Art to sell.




Thanks to his expertise and specialized library, Pablo Touchaleaume will help you identify and learn more about the origin, function and use of your works of art.




There are many cases in which assessing a piece or a collection is needed: inheritance, inventory for sale, insurance or sheer curiosity.


Pablo Touchaleaume offers you his expertise services either by ways of photographs or via comprehensive study on site.




Pablo Touchaleaume also offers a customized counselling service. Whether you are a private collector, a company, a professional (decorator, designer, architect, ...) or a member of an institution, our counselling service can help you in the following fields (among others):


·       Purchasing and negotiating artworks with professionals or private individuals

·       Purchasing artworks at an auction house

·       Building up and managing an art collection according to your profile

·       Selling your artworks at the best price (private sale or auction sale)

·       Placing your pieces in cultural events (exhibitions or publications for instance)

·       Putting you in touch with art service professionals (base makers, restorers, photographers, etc.)

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